What we do

At the Costa Rica – U.S.A. Foundation for Cooperation (CRUSA), we believe that the Foundation can and should play a key role in improving the country’s human and economic development and building a more inclusive, prosperous and competitive Costa Rica.

These goals, along with the challenges posed by the world’s current economic context, led us to design a three-year strategy in line with national objectives and the funding priorities of national and international donors.

OUR VISION 2015-2017
To promote a model of sustainable economic growth based on technical and professional development and financial support for programs and projects in key areas for the economy such as water resources management, renewable energies, and rural economic development, all with the goal of improving authentic levels of competitiveness and the rational use of natural resources.

Our vision and objectives are detailed in the document Strategy based on Strategic Capacity 2015-2017.


Improve water resources management in production activities and for human consumption, and strengthen the Information System for integrated management.

Promote a cleaner and more efficient energy matrix and strengthen the system of intelligent networks.

Create local wealth through the consolidation and strengthening of small and medium-sized agroindustrial and tourism enterprises in regions linked to value chains.