Small Donations


The CRUSA Foundation’s Small Donations Program allows us to support initiatives which, due to their size and scale, do not meet the institutional requirements or impact we require from our Projects, but are directed towards our goals and represent emerging strategic opportunities.
These proposals are received year-round using a form that you can download below, which must be filled in and submitted electronically to the Foundation at least two months before the start of the proposed activities.

To download the Small Donations Form clic here.


At-risk youth from the Samuel Foundation were the beneficiaries of a Small Donation in 2014. They now have a fully equipped computer lab.

What do we finance with this type of donation?

Our support is directed at nonprofit organizations proposing initiatives within our four financial priority areas – human capacity-building, water resources management, rural economic development and energy efficiency – with demonstrable impact, work plan, measurable performance indicators, institutional capacity of the implementing entity, capacity of the initiative’s leaders, and sustainability.

What do we not finance through the Small Donations Program?

CRUSA does not provide financing for individuals, organizations’ periodic operating expenses, or for the purchase or construction of fixed assets, such as equipment or buildings, unless the latter relate to the goals of specific projects.